GoldenMasterClass-Industry Event Cosmetic Sculpture

Golden Masterclass and Asian Best Talent are held in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh is close to the sprint phase, The program was first held in Vietnam, this is a class competition, seeking new talents for the spray tattoo industry by the International Academy of Training Huong Phan and AIBETRA International Beauty Association co-organized

Golden Masterclass: As a class taught and taught by Masters in Asia, the Masters are invited to teach in the class who have real talent, have outstanding skills in the field of cosmetic tattooing. , maybe they are people who have taught or not taught for a long time, now start with the tattoo industry. As long as they have real talent presented through outstanding images on their customers, they will be chosen to share their outstanding skills with others.

Asian Best Talent: As a contest to find and honor the true talents of Asia in the field of cosmetic tattooing, all participants of the course have the right to participate in the competition to win Contest awards and honors for their natural talents. New talents, discovered in the Best Talent programs last season, were the first-to-third-place winners to be invited to give lectures and share test experiences for the next season.

On 7-8 / 12/2018 we will see the best techniques and professional performances that will take place at the competition. Asian Golden Master Class Best Talent Season 1 promises to bring many great things, and who will be the champion of each item? Let’s look forward to it.

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