PHIBROWS Spray Cosmetology Salon Facilities

Cosmetology Spray Tattoo is a beauty technology developed in Vietnam. Mr. Branko Nanic is the creator of PHIBROWS Technology and he is the one who established the famous training institute PHIBROWS. A successful discovery in the eyebrow makeup industry, after Branko Babic discovered the eyebrow sculpting technique, he brought it to Europe and improved the technique.

Phibrows’s 3D Sculpture technology helps to avoid high mimix cases. The techniques and tools such as scale and application measure that PhiBrows provides help professionals find and identify “golden ratio” and help create harmonious and symmetrical features for everyone.

Branko Babic was the first to apply the 1.618 golden ratio as a starting point to create the perfect eyebrow. This ratio has been used in art and science for centuries to portray beauty and perfection.

The ratio of gold is 1.618 and is usually signed by letters, etc. in Greek, pronounced “Phi”. And that is also the origin of the name of the Phibrows Academy.

So the question is to ask everyone here to go to any beauty facility and find out who to bring to their natural beauty, International Technology Standard, if you have no conditions to go far from school look for any reputable establishment in Vietnam for the best training.

Here we will provide you with the top 3 establishments in the field of Cosmetic Tattooing in Vietnam for reference:

Ranked No. 1 is currently the Academy Huong Phan International Beauty Academy

Address at: 107 Duong Van An An Phu An Khanh Urban Area, An Phu District 2 Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

Hotline: 093 638 93 99

Founded by Master Huong Phan is one of the top 5 Grand Masters of the world’s leading aesthetic academy PhiAcademy. Special After long research, Grand MasterHuong Phan    created “Male Brows – Microblading for men”, creating a new breakthrough in the Microblading beauty industry. Not only that, she was also one of Phibrows’ first Masters who brought Sculpture technology to Vietnam in recent years.

Huong Phan International Beauty Academy Not only providing beauty services but also training a lot of famous artists in Spray Tattoo Cosmetic industry

– Team Including Master Huong Phan and highly qualified artists, well-trained staff

– Consulting in accordance with the face and customer preferences.

– Sculpture of international technology without pain or swelling.

– Receive satisfaction and attachment from experienced customers.

Wearing European style, modern equipment, enthusiastic staff and consultants will bring you comfortable moments like home.

The second place is Thu Cuc Beauty
Thu Cuc Beauty, International General Hospital in Hanoi, now has two aesthetic branches in Saigon.

– Large hospital so completely assured of service quality, technology as well as implementation space.

– Dedicated, professional advice; Good customer care.

– Sculpture carefully and thoughtfully.

– After aesthetic eyebrows get much satisfaction from customers.

– 3-6 month warranty.

– Need to make an appointment in advance.


No. 55A – Street 3/2 – Ward 11 – District 10 – TP. Ho Chi Minh.

No. 3

Mailisa is a well-known beauty spot that selects the golden send face, exclusive Microtouch technology application in Korea and a luxurious and classy design space.

– The team of doctors with high professional qualifications, well-trained and well-trained staff.

– Consulting in accordance with the face and customer preferences.

– No numbness but no pain or swelling.

– Receive satisfaction and attachment from experienced customers.


No. 189 Huynh Van Banh, Ward 12, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City HCM.

Through these 3 facilities in Ho Chi Minh City, people can choose for themselves a good beauty base and fit their requirements.